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Newark Levels: The Muses of Brick City

June 29 @ 6:30 pm

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Newark Levels: The Muses of Brick City

06/29/24 @ 6:30pm

=SPACE, Newark

Get ready for a mind-blowing extravaganza as Newark Levels proudly presents the Muses of Brick City, set to rock your world at Prudential presents North to Shore Festival featuring the transcendent artistry of THE Gail Campbell, Tyra Gardner Ebony, and Nelly Bess. This three-floor fiesta promises to be much more than just an event – it’s an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of incredible talent, scrumptious flavors and endless entertainment! Experience the electric vibes of a queer-woman led band that is guaranteed to slay – seamlessly mixing poetry, rock and rap on one floor. On another floor, get ready to witness the spectacular voguing skills of a troupe of dancers who will leave you awestruck. And, to top it off, groove to the blues and hip hop beats of our featured artists, sure to make your heart race. But that’s not all! You can also indulge in an array of tantalizing treats that will satisfy your cravings and please your palate. From heavenly gelato artisans to Mediterranean maestros and beyond, each artist has partnered with a local food and drink vendor to provide the ultimate sensory experience. Join us at Newark Levels for the party of the year, where you’re encouraged to let your hair down and revel in the cultural diversity, musical brilliance, and culinary delights that Brick City has to offer. Don’t just hear about it, create memories at the Muses of Brick City! Newark NJ native, Gail Campbell, has released a highly anticipated sophomore album, “Let My People Go,” and it is expected to make an even bigger impact than her award-winning debut album, “Bloody Waters,” which was also entirely produced by acclaimed producer, Stanley Ipkiss. On this new album, Gail Campbell has again shown her diversity as an artist with her rock-n-roll, blues, hip-hop, soul gospel, and dance vibe. Campbell has again held back nothing vocally and poured her whole soul into this latest project, and music fans are not disappointed. Critics are comparing Gail Campbell’s voice to the likes of such music greats as Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, and even Aretha Franklin, and Campbell clearly embraces her retro style on this groundbreaking album with songs like the title track, “Let My People Go,” which has an early jazz feel. She shows her deeply soulful side with “Your Eyes,” which uses an Isaac Hayes sample, in which Campbell dives headlong into the 70s era. She and Stanley Ipkiss push the envelope even further with her hit song, “Dot,” which is an interesting Afrobeat/house music fusion that has fans in a frenzy. Campbell and Stanley Ipkiss have clearly found a lane of their own, and from the response of fans, the public is clearly here for it! Tyra Gardner Ebony, a model at the legendary iconic House of Ebony, is not just a striking presence on the runway but also a formidable advocate for trans rights. As a house mother, Tyra embodies strength, grace, and resilience, nurturing and guiding emerging talents within the house while fiercely advocating for inclusivity and equality in the fashion industry and beyond. With her powerful presence and unwavering commitment to social justice, Tyra Gardner Ebony continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide. Nelly Bess is a multi-talented individual, known as a poet, musician, facilitator, youth activist, and professor. With a passion for creativity and education, Nelly wears many hats, each reflecting her dedication to empowering others and fostering positive change. As the curator of @thesessionnj, she brings together artists and thinkers to engage in meaningful dialogue and artistic expression. Through her work, Nelly Bess continues to inspire and uplift communities, weaving together art, activism, and education to create a brighter future for all. =Space serves as a sharespace and incubator for diverse voices, ideas, and perspectives. We believe that true innovation thrives in an inclusive environment where every voice from every background is celebrated and seen. We are a community that promotes connection, breaks down barriers that hinder progress, and builds bridges to unite dreamers, creators, and visionaries. Collaboration is the driving force of our community. Equal Space stretches beyond a typical co-work space; we are a living, breathing community. We stand united, supporting one another through the journey of growth, learning, and shared success. Together, we are the architects of our successful future. Our work goes beyond the walls of our space, reverberating through the streets of Newark and beyond. We measure success not just in profit margins but in the positive impact we create for individuals, startups, and the community at large through immersive programming and activations. * NTS Official Selections: =SPACE This category denotes local independent artists, non-profits, small businesses and faith-based organizations that applied and won a competitive grant to perform on showcase stages located in each city or to curate and produce an event for the festival.

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June 29
6:30 pm
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89 Market St Floor 4
Newark, NJ 07102 United States
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